About our Teachers

Art Play opened its doors to inspire and nurture children in 1981. Our role is to observe children, guide their learning and assess their progress. We motivate children, build on their strengths and support their learning in an intentional way by using a variety of strategies to increase their knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Sharon Morgenstein, Director

Sharon has been in the classroom since she and Alice Mead began Art Play.  Sharon has been active in early childhood education for over 30 years.  Co-founder Alice Mead (alicemeadbooks.com) is a nationally acclaimed children’s author and now dedicates herself outside of the classroom to writing full-time.

Sharon’s favorite part of teaching at Art Play is the challenge of adjusting the program each year to meet the specific needs of each group of students.  Her aim is to find the best way for the program to engage and support each child in the program.  Also, she prides herself in doing the messiest art activities.

Laura Day, Teacher

Laura, formerly a preschool teacher at Westbrook College’s early childhood program, has been with Art Play since 2001.

Laura enjoys sharing her sense of humor with children and is fascinated by the sense of wonder that is unique to each child discovering new things. She also feels it is important to model healthy activities for children and incorporate many creative movement activities and exercises into the Art Play program. 

Jen Glockler, Teacher

Jen became involved in Art Play in 2004, when her oldest daughter attended the school and Jen served on the Art Play Board. Jen teaches on Wednesdays and substitutes when needed.

Before becoming a stay at home mom with her three daughters, Jen worked as an occupational therapist for children with autism and related disabilities. Jen loves working with children
of all ages but particularly enjoys the preschool population. She has fun encouraging kids to explore their world with their senses and watching them grow as they build confidence and competence at school.