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About our Teachers

Art Play opened its doors to inspire and nurture children in 1981. Our role is to observe children, guide their learning and assess their progress. We motivate children, build on their strengths and support their learning in an intentional way by using a variety of strategies to increase their knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Laura Day, Director

Laura has been in the classroom at ART PLAY since 2001, taking on the dual role of Director/Teacher in 2017. She has been active in early childhood education for over 25 years.

Laura’s favorite part of teaching at ART PLAY is the challenge of adjusting the program each year to meet the specific needs of each group of students. Her aim is to find the best way for the program to engage and support each child in their development. She has always been fascinated by a child’s sense of wonder when they discover something new.


Jen Glockler, Teacher

Jen joined the staff at ART PLAY in 2011, prior to teaching Jen worked as an occupational therapist for children with autism and related disabilities.

Jen has worked with children of all ages but particularly enjoys the preschool population. She has fun encouraging kids to explore their world with their senses and watching them grow as they build confidence and competence at school.


Ellen McKee, Teacher

Ellen became involved in ART PLAY in 2004, when her oldest son attended the school and Ellen served on the ART PLAY Board. Ellen teaches on Wednesdays and substitutes when needed.

Ellen is known as the “silly teacher” and has a gift for making the children smile and laugh. She will tell you that she has the best job on the planet.